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Portraits of Valour
Portraits of Valour if a 192 page full colour hard cover book telling the stories of World War Two veterans from Western Toronto as well as a brief history and featuring their portraits, portraits of some of their ships and planes as painted by the artist Murray Saint.

The featured veterans are:
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Corporal Fred G. Topham VC
Arthur "Art" Rimmer, DFC
Kenneth V. McOrmond, OStJ, MM, CD
Tom F. O'Brien
John H. Freeley
Lt. Harry Dixon Bell
John Henry Christie
Corporal Jean Drouin
Jack Endacott
Marion Orr
Archie Rowe
William George Hancock
J. Stewart McCormick
Lorne Irene Howe
Eric Ralph Saint

Dennis Flynn
Victor Rufus Chowns
Albert E. Mills
George Henri Mills
Donald Butwell
Lewis James Lomis II
Walter Gwilliams
Elsie Mills McGhee
Hartland "Hart" Wheeler
Bannister Lancaster
R. Rev. George A. Wells
Leo G. McKenna
Leonard Frank Leeder
Colonel John L. Streight
William Gordon Busby
Ysobel F. Skelsey
Charles Cromwell Martin