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As an instructor in the Dental Technology Program at George Brown College in Toronto, Al McOrmond RDT, DD realised a need for a laboratory specific orthodontic text. He wrote his first textbook in 1996, titled Orthodontic Laboratory Techniques. It was updated to a second edition in 2003 and is used by many educational facilities and laboratories worldwide.
In 2002 Al obtained his Denturist licence, and in 2007 began work on a book covering the clinical and laboratory aspects of dentures, designed to teach denture fabrication in an easy to follow manner. A Student Guide to Denture Fabrication A Clinical and Laboratory Handbook was published in 2008.

On November 8, 2010 we will be launching a new book, Portraits of Valour by Al McOrmond and Patrick Busby. This book is a history of selected World War Two veterans from the Toronto area, often told in their own words, with photos and their portraits as painted by the artist Murray Saint.

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