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Portraits of Valour
An Introduction to Denture Fabrication for the Dental Laboratory and the Denturist.

This guide will assist you in learning how to design and fabricate a complete/full dentures, including: landmarks and anatomy, preliminary impressions, custom trays, final impressions, master molds, occlusal rims and bite registrations, articulation, denture set-up, wax-up, processing, trimming and polishing, and repairs.

Clear step-by-step instructions, accompanied by 300 photographs and illustrations.

Basic theory in anatomy, materials and denture processing is covered in an easy to understand format.

Full of tips and techniques to assist students, laboratory technicians and denturists.
A Student Guide to Denture Fabrication
ISBN # 0-978-0-9681430-2-5

$89.95 Cdn.
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